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Partnership with Parents

The school also believes in partnership and we believe that a strong partnership with our parents will definitely show a remarkable difference in our children education and personality.

How Parents can help

Parents are their child's first teachers. Your involvement is critical to your child's success in school. Studies have shown that when parents are involved, children feel better about themselves and learn more.

Things You can do

1.  Make sure your child is well fed, well groomed and well rested for school.

2.  Encourage your child to behave in positive ways.

3.  Take time to read with your child each day.

4.  Schedule family vacations or outings and doctor appoinments around the yearly school calendar and outside of the school day.

5.  Be sure your child attends school everyday.

6.  Work as a partner with your child's teacher.

7.  Show an interest in your child's work by visiting his/her classroom and talking about his/her work brought home.

8.  And always encourage your child by praising him/her for efforts and accompalishments.