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Enriched Curriculum

We are committed to our vision of giving international standards of education and we hope to build upon our partnership towards the goal.

Language and Literacy

As communication skills lay a strong foundation in devloping the confidence in children, Oxy World gives emphasize on communicative English skills as a first foundation.
The language helps children to express their ideas and take learning beyond classrooms through fun learning. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to listen to poems, stories and reading books. They are enabled to listen, speak, read and write through hands on activities which includes role play, music, songs and drama. The curriculum also focuses on improving their reading skills by using phonics which helps in recognizing the letters and forming words. They become confident speakers when they are encouraged to respond and express their ideas and thoughts.

Numeracy and Math

OXY World curriculum has set a learning environment that is mathematically empowering the young lerners. Simple problem solving skills such a sorting, matching and comparing are done through integrated approach in which language, art and music are integrated to make learning more fun and enjoyable. It is important to expose children with real life experience to bridge the gap between concrete and abstract. The activities included in the curriculum helps children understand the concept such as more and less before they are taught what is addition and subtraction.

Children are inquirers and naturally curious about the world around them. This curiosity is engaged by allowing them to explore the different areas of life using their senses. They are encouraged to ask questions and see more information in which helps them to become knowledge seekers. They learn about people, place, resources and technology and make connection of their learning with the practical life. The program develops a strong positive attitude in young minds towards nature and the importance of taking care of the environment.

Physical development

It is the motor skills development that eventually lead to a physically strong body. OXY World focuses on the fine motor and gross motor development of children. The outdoor activities like walking, climbing, jumping which envolves the movement of muscles helps children develop their small muscle movement.
Various activities are included in the daily lesson plans to encourage children to participate in order to develop their physical skills.


OXY World Curriculum gives alot of emphasis on creative expressions as it is said that creativity is the key to success in the future. Experience in art and music enable them to express their ideas and feelings freely. Drawing, music and dance are integrated into the curriculum as children respond to these spontaneously. They are encouraged to create their own songs and movements by changing the words which will encourage them to make decisions.

Social and Emotional Development

The personal and social development of young children lay the foundation for their success in school and in life. Opportunities are provided during their daily schedule to develop a sense of awareness and create bonding with the peer group when they interact with each other. They are taught to be resilient, strong and their rights are listened to which enhances their self esteem and become more confident. The curriculum encourages children to take ownership for their actions and to reflect on their choices.